title type image day
How to Build a Bird Kite project info visit 2021-05-19

step 0. notice the wind

Flight Simulator App project info visit 2019-02-05

an ambient travel app ... "ode to airplane mode"

Perfume Area Book project info 2015-05-23

a book of thirty-six lyrical fragrance reviews

Ways to pass time inside this room project info visit 2020-01-08

flying in a room

Flight Simulator Room (Osaka) project info 2019-07-29

apartment as airplane

The cuteness of white noise writing info visit 2019-07-09

on the aesthetics of white noise machines

3 people, 2 swans, 1 sun seed info 1992-03-03


Poetic Objects project info 2015-12-11

drawings using Apple EarPods

Artists Space Favicon project info 2019-10-29

a favicon seemed like the perfect "space" to exhibit artist work

Flight Simulator Room (Seoul) project info 2019-08-16

good night flight in a gallery (sleepover: 13 hours, 23 minutes)

Flight Simulator Poster project info 2019-07-29

all 495 pin designs

Flight Simulator Pins project info 2019-03-02


Ambient Cemeteries writing info visit 2020-05-01

after noticing people picnicing in cemeteries during quarantine

Wildness Knows the Score writing info visit 2017-09-18

on creating and maintaining a collection about wild animals & technology

My website is a shifting house ... writing info visit 2018-05-21

possible metaphors for websites

Pastel Club writing info visit 2013-12-13

the world of horses, growing up online

In each of my friends there is something that only some other friend can fully bring out. By myself I am not large enough to call the whole person into activity; I want other lights other than my own to show all my friend's facets... — C.S. Lewis